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As a dedicated and conscientious therapist in Essex, I pride myself on my good name and value the positive feedback I get from my clients. Some are kind enough to leave me reviews on public forums (others prefer not to of course as therapy can be a very personal and intimate experience) and I have shared a few examples here. Also included (at the bottom of the page) are corresponding links leading to the original posts on various external websites.

(Darrell, Jan 2016, Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Negative Thinking)
I suffer from general anxiety and was apprehensive at first as you see hypnosis on TV and think of people making fools of themselves. However this is nothing like that, for me I didn't feel out of body or mind I just felt very chilled out something that I was struggling to do at the time because of anxious thoughts. With the help of Victoria I felt able to access thoughts and parts of my mind such as my sub conscious and deal with anything anxious or negative in a logical way. It was fun at times getting rid of negative feelings I didn't even realise I had from life events. This helped to discover why I'm an anxious person and although I'm not cured the techniques I've gained help me deal with the symptoms.

(David, Sept 2015, Therapy for Stress, Depression and Weight Problems)
Had anyone suggested a few years ago that I’d benefit from hypnotherapy, I would have laughed. But after several years of stress and turmoil at work I’d become moody, depressed and overweight, and my “get up and go” had, well, gone! Then someone suggested visiting Pathways, and I’ve never looked back – Victoria has been instrumental and invaluable in helping me get my life back in order. On arrival I was welcomed into an airy and well-lit room that felt both serene and relaxing. Victoria spent a few minutes explaining how she operates, then, having got the formalities out of the way, the consultation began. Victoria has a compassionate and therapeutic approach which makes her very easy to talk to – and, more importantly, trust (very important when extracting those skeletons one’s kept locked in a cupboard for years); she has a way of making one feel completely at ease even when talking about difficult subjects. She’s also very perceptive, listening carefully and delicately asking probing questions that do’t seem intrusive yet still get to the roots of matters – and, the process certainly helped me to recognise, understand and accept them. Once the underlying issues were clearer (some of which went back much further than I would ever have assumed), she moved on to the next stage. As can be seen from her website, Victoria is qualified in a number of techniques and is adept at selecting the one most appropriate to each case. Hypnosis was nothing like I expected. Was it a totally pleasant experience? No – but digging into a past I’d kept hidden for years was never going to be easy: there were tears, but laughter, too. Was it worthwhile? Definitely! The therapy was undoubtedly successful, while the generous support Victoria offered afterwards helped me to develop the strategies I needed to move forward: friends and family have noticed a significant change for the better and several months later t he results are still with me – I can’t thank her enough! Victoria is the consummate professional therapist. Having been to see her now on several occasions for a variety of issues, I have no h esitation in recommending her – she’s undoubtedly the best I’ve visited.

(Ann, Sept 2015, Hypnotherapy for Losing Weight and Tackling Over-eating) I saw Victoria for issues concerning weight and was put at ease on the first time of meeting her. She helped me deal with the reasons I over ate and am very pleased with the progress I have made in my life. Many thanks

(Viv, Jan 2015, Hypnotherapy for Confidence Issues and Stress) I went to see Victoria regarding stress and confidence issues. I am so glad I did, she is helpful, professional and has given me the tools to change my thinking. I highly recommend seeing Victoria. Thank you Victoria

(C, Jan 2015, Hypnosis for Anxiety Issues I recently approached Victoria about my anxiety to find out if she could help. Victoria got back to me quickly which I was very please about and arranged a free consultation. We had a chat around how I'm feeling and what she could do to help. I am very pleased with the result and am doing things I wouldn't normally. Would highly recommend Victoria to anyone looking in to hypnotherapy. She is very down to earth, open and a welcoming person.

(Anon, 2015, Therapy for Trauma and Rape, Affecting Current Relationships)
I went to see Victoria because I had been the victim of trauma and rape. I wasn't sure if this kind of therapy could help me forget about what had happened - it turns out it couldn't help me forget, but it could help me get through the pain and discomfort that went with the memories. I was finding it difficult to be intimate in new relationships which caused me distress and made me feel vulnerable. When my partner would try to talk about sex or get angry at me through frustration (as they didn't know why), i'd push them away making it virtually impossible to be in a long term loving relationship. I also found myself being overly cautious in situations like going out, walking alone, being home alone and meeting new people- as I would always think the worst would happen again. Now if I find myself thinking about it, or seeing it on TV, it doesn't affect me in the same way it did and I can accept it as a part of my history instead of a part of my present. Victoria treated me with respect in a non-judgmental way and didn't push me for gory details. She enabled me to tell my story without pressure or making me feel dirty or to blame something I think most people fear that have been raped so they never tell anybody. After completing therapy with Victoria I am now in a loving relationship and I feel more settled in myself looking forward to each new day with my partner. I am no longer held back by the memories that haunted me every day and I feel like I can see good in the world again. Hypnosis helped change my life - you don't need to let bad experiences hold you back something can be done about it. To those who are still suffering and sceptical you have my word this works!

(Stephanie, 2015, Hypnotherapy for Self-Esteem and Anxiety - School Gate Bullying)
I would highly recommend Victoria. I went to see her as I was suffering from anxiety in general but especially at the school after a bad experience with other school mums. As a result of the bullying, I was bursting into tears every time someone was kind to me or said something nice as my self-esteem had hit rock bottom. Victoria was able to rebuild my self-esteem and release all the negativity involving the school experiences enabling me to now face the bullies without feeling powerless. I no longer have anxiety attacks, flush up red in the face or get palpitations when near these people at the school. I haven't forgotten what they did but it doesn't affect me anymore. Going through treatment for this raised other unresolved issues that were contributing to my self-esteem issues and only upon the resolution of these did I realise how much they affected me in day to day life. I can now accept myself and my past decisions and feel at peace within myself. I can now look to the future with positivity and feel that things are a lot less complicated so I can enjoy life. Thank you Victoria. Regards, Stephanie

(Anon, 2014, Hypnotherapy for Anxiety)
Victoria has been totally professional at all times. Her way of working is thorough and confidence building. Recommend her to others needing anxieties etc dealt with. Extremely easy to talk to and discuss fears.

(Clair, 2014, Hypnotherapy for Phobia - Fear of Lifts - Claustrophobia)
I have just finished my time with Victoria, and must say I feel like a completely different person , no actually that is incorrect, I feel how I used to be before I had anxieties. I had not been in a lift for 23 years and this was starting to take over my life. But since having hypnotherapy with Victoria I now feel I have the tools and positive attitude to live my life the way it should be lived and the way I deserve it should be lived. Victoria is such a calming and positive person and I felt so comfortable in her presence from the very first session. I was a ble to relax fully in her environment and felt no pressure to say or do anything I did not want to do. And the best thing of all I HAVE BEEN IN A LIFT 3 TIMES since. New adventures here I come!!! Thank you so much Victoria.

(Steve, 2014, Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Panic Attacks - Taxi Driver Knowledge)
I was recommended by my wife's friend to see victoria, has I have always suffered anxiety/panic attacks in a situations where I was in the company of authority, I have been studying the knowledge of London and found it difficult to come face to face with the examiners and I felt it held me back when trying to think clearly and communicate, since having hypnotherapy with victoria it has helped me enormously with my confidence and overcoming my anxiety, I feel I have the tools not only to pass the knowledge but also use these skills for the rest of my life.

(Clair, 2014, Hypnotherapy for Stress and Anxiety)
I was very low when I first saw Victoria and also nervous about hypnotherapy but I had nothing to worry about. Victoria's calm and encouraging manner was great. After several months, I am back to my normal self - coping with everything without feeling panicked or stressed. This worked very well for me and I suggest you give Victoria a try.

(Phil, 2014, Help with Work Related Stress and Anxiety)
I found Pathways hypnotherapy sessions to be very beneficial with dealing with confidence and anxiety issues combined with work stresses. I was a bit uncertain, perhaps even skeptical, prior to the first session however Victoria is very professional and soon makes you feel at ease. The improvement I observed in myself over the course of the sessions was quite remarkable and I am very grateful to her for giving me the confidence to succeed. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

(Catherine, 2014, Hypnotherapy for Stress and Self-Confidence)
I felt that the Pathways Hypnotherapy sessions Victoria provided have been greatly beneficial to my confidence and how I see myself. Victoria was approachable and understanding, as well as being very professional in every session we had. I am fully satisfied and would highly recommend Victoria and the service she provides.

(Anon, 2014, Hypnotherapy for Study and Exam Stress plus Panic Attacks)
Pathways Hypnotherapy sessions helped me deal with the stress which built up towards the end of my degree with all the workload preventing me from having a decent nights sleep as I would stay up all night stressed. Victoria gave me methods of managing the stress, also the stress was causing me to have panic attacks and I was anxious when being outside (incase another panic attack occured) she has help me control my anxiety and I am much better now. I would recommend Victoria to anyone considering to user her as she is very professional and it would be a great help.

(Rebekka, 2014, Help with Exam Anxiety)
I suffered with anxiety for exams. I came to see Victoria when I had to complete a professional exam that aided my career choice. Victoria helped me to feel completely comfortable in the exam setting. She helped me to be able to control my anxiety as and when i needed to. Not only did I pass my exam but I am now able to control my feelings towards situations I feel uncomfortable with. I am extremely grateful, and definitely recommend Pathways.

(Nicola, 2014, Therapy for Emotional Stress)
I was very impressed with the professionalism of Victoria. Emotional difficulties that I have carried with me for years have I feel at last been resolved. I am truly grateful and would highly recommend Victoria and the service she provides.

(Chris, 2014, Hypnotherapy for Fear of Public Speaking - Glossophobia)
I used Pathways for an issue I had with glossophobia. Before I began my sessions I was a bit apprehensive and didn't know what to expect from it all. I arrived for my first session and Victoria soon put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable. I have seen a big improvement in myself from the sessions and am very grateful that she has remedied this phobia I had so I can progress and fulfill a successful career. Would highly recommend Victoria's work to anyone who is considering, excellent from start to finish.

(John, 2014, by email, Help with Social Phobias and Confidence)
I would like to say a big thank you for an amazing session on Saturday. I have never felt such a powerful, overwhelming feeling inside; a feeling of inner strength and unbelievable happiness. It was truly amazing. I left and drove home with a smile on my face almost all the journey and the feeling of strong happiness is wonderful. Today again I am happy; I have been to work a place that I really do not like but I had no desperate feeling to rush and leave at the end of the day. I am finding this treatment so successful for me and I feel stronger day by day. I knowI am walking taller and more confident and feel very different. Again I thank you very much, I cannot say how much I appreciate what you have done for me so far. Thank you.

(Valerie, 2014, Hypnosis for Weight Problems)
Victoria has helped me to change my lifestyle through the sessions I have had with her; originally I went to see her because of my weight. Over the years I had tried every diet going and they did work for a while until I got fed up with the regime, then the weight piled back on. After seeing Victoria the weight just kept coming off week by week. I lost a stone and I wasn't even dieting. Plus I was not so tense, she helped me to release all the negative feeling I had. I feel a lot better in myself. I have booked to have the virtual gastric band in June so watch this space...

(John, 2014, on Facebook, Hypnosis for Confidence and Public Speaking)
I have had treatment from Victoria for confidence and public speaking. Being nervous on my initial visit it took no time for Victoria to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I find her voice very calming and her approach very comfortable. I can see she truly enjoys her work and is dedicated and very proffesional. Within a short time of treatment I began noticing small changes within myself for the better; things that I had lived with for years and learned to live with - never realising the hinderence it was causing me. Every day I was finding a new inner strength that keeps building day by day; my confidence is more powerful than ever I have known. I know now I will achieve my goals in life with my new found confidence. I was sceptical at first but once treatment began I waited for my next session with eagerness. I have felt an overwhelming sense of inner strength and happiness and it continues day by day. It has been a truly remarkable experience for me and I have had a great experience in these sessions. I give Victoria a very large pat on the back for all her efforts and cannot thank her enough for the transformation she has achieved for me. I strongly reccomend Victoria to anyone - do not ponder on your problems and suffer in silence go see Victoria! Thank you very very much Victoria, All the best for the future

(Cara, 2013, Help with Weight Loss and Social Anxiety Disorder)
I came to see Victoria through recommendation of one of my mums friends, I had struggled with my weight from a very early age and no matter how hard I tried at diets they just never seemed to work and I always ended up breaking and going right back up to the weight I started at. I came and had the gastric band fitted under hypnosis and then continued to see Victoria to deal with my Social Anxiety Disorder. It was the best thing I ever did! I have lost over 2 stone in 12 weeks, and I have so much more confidence in myself and social situations that I went out and got a job!! Victoria is lovely she makes you feel so comfortable and is understanding in everything you tell her. She has helped me so so much I would recommend her to anyone, and I am so grateful for the support she has given me throughout seeing her, as well as once my sessions came to an end I still check in with her weekly to inform her on my progress. Thanks Victoria, your amazing!! :)

[Marie, 2013 Hypnosis for Fear of Snakes]
After suffering from a immense phobia of snakes for as long as I can remember, the time came when I had to try something as it was getting worse. Unable to watch certain TV programmes, go in book shops (In case there was a picture) go to newsagents that sell jelly snakes, or even look at certain coloured clothes because of the resemblance, my life was suffering, plus I really wanted to go to the zoo, but that was never going to happen. I visited Pathways after being pressured by a friend, I didn't believe something like this could help, but I went, open minded, and was amazed at how relaxed and at home I felt within my first few moments there, Victoria was totally understanding and her confidence in helping me made me feel positive there was a way out. Literally 3 sessions later, I'm watching Harry potter (including the snake bits) looking and touching pictures, purchasing jelly snakes (although not quite eating them yet) :-). My life has been transformed and there's no burden of a fear on my shoulders 24/7. I'm even planning a trip to the zoo, and I will go in the reptile house. Totally recommended, Pathways can really help you remove that phobia and stop it controlling your life.

[Sally, 2013, Hypnosis for Weight Loss]
I found Pathways Hypnotherapy to be one of the most positive things that has happened to me in the last few years. Victoria offers the solution to losing weight - I have tried everything believe me and for once in my life I can honestly say that I will never diet again. I wont need to! I have lost three stones in 6 months and am continuing to lose. For anyone wanting to lose weight - this is it! I was sceptical at first, as I imagine that you will be reading this - however it works. Not only for me, but for the four others that I have also referred to Victoria. Victoria offers a professional service yet still maintains a friendly approach which means you completely relax and feel in safe hands.

[JKN1, March 2013, Hypnotherapy for Emetophobia]
I found my time with Victoria extremely valuable. I feel more confident, more relaxed and have control over the emetophobia (fear of vomit or being sick) I have suffered many years with. I would definitely recommend Victoria and hypnotherapy.

[W, 2012, Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy]
Hello! This service is really something special. I had a few sessions with Victoria to help me quit smoking after 7 years ... and it helped me a lot to overcome the craving involved in the process. It's extremely relaxing sitting in these chairs and receiving affirmative, nice and warm messages within your subconscious. Definitely a recommendable alternative therapy!

[Lee, 2012, Hypnosis for Anxiety and Panic Attacks]
I was suffering with anxiety, panic attacks and confidence issues so I decided to get help and found Victoria on the internet. I did not know what to expect but I found Victoria to be very professional and I felt comfortable from the off set. I found her to be a great listener, she gave great advice and I found my sessions in regards to Hypnotherapy and EFT to be very effective. I have come away with some very useful life skills and I am now feeling very confident and focused and the anxiety now is a thing of the past. I would recommend Pathways Hypnotherapy to anyone!

[Dean, 2011, Quit Smoking Hypnosis]
I visited Pathways being very sceptical of the hypnotising process, but after being explained how it all works felt immediately at ease. Having been a smoker for over 25 years I wasn't expecting great results but I can tell you now after the session I haven't had a single cigarette! And that was 10 months ago!! As a non smoker I feel much more confident and healthy in my lifestyle. Money well spent considering how much you pay for a packet of 20 these days! I would highly recommend Victoria from Pathways Hypnotherapy.

So why not see if hypnosis can help you deal with your fear, anxiety or emotional issue? If you are motivated to take back control of your life then hypnotherapy could help you!

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