Help with Panic Attacks (Anxiety Disorder)

Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks, Benfleet, Essex

Hypnosis for panic attacks in Basildon EssexHave you ever been in a situation where you found yourself gasping to breathe? Or thought your life was ending? Maybe you felt a surge of fear which crippled you with physical pain? Or perhaps there are moments where you feel like you are losing your mind? If the answer to any of these is "yes" then you may be one of the many people who suffer with panic attacks.... notice I said "many" people because you aren't the only one.

Hypnosis could help you learn to deal with your panic attacks instead of letting them rule your life! Most people will become anxious or stressed every now and again, in fact it's completely normal. But, when you have an anxiety or panic attack it doesn't feel normal at all.

Different people suffer with different symptoms but they might include:

  • Nausea
  • Pain or tightness in your chest
  • Sweating or trembling
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Anxiety or palpitations
  • An increase in your blood pressure and your heart rate
  • A feeling that "something awful" may occur
  • And sometimes in particularly bad cases, a fear that you may die.
Panic attacks can happen any time, whatever you may be doing and often for no apparent reason and this unpredictability can be the most upsetting and stressful aspect of the attacks. The feeling you may suffer an attack without warning creates a continual state of anxiety, and this constant fear of panic could lead to the development of a phobia, as you try to avoid places or situations where you think an attack could occur.

Anxiety attacks are distinguishable from other forms of stress or anxiety by their rapid character and the sheer intensity of feelings. Symptoms of an attack normally peak within 10-15 minutes; generally most attacks will last for somewhere between five and thirty minutes.

Hypnotherapy for panic attacks, Basildon Essex Panic attacks can be enormously scary and extreme, but you should always remember that they are not dangerous and won't cause you any physical harm. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis and psychological techniques (such as NLP) to try and help you to alter harmful thoughts and increase your self-confidence and ability to relax.

If you think you may be suffering with panic/anxiety attacks you should always consult your doctor first to rule out any medical problems which may need to be addressed. However if your doctor is happy for you to go ahead with hypnotherapy as a complementary treatment then maybe it could help you! Get in touch today about Benfleet hypnotherapy for panic attacks, within close proximity to both Basildon and Southend.

Coping statements can help with panic attacks

A coping statement is one that is used to replace a negative thought with a positive one and may help when panic sets in.

  • Panic is simply high levels of anxiety
  • Everyone experiences anxiety and panic at times; it is totally normal
  • Anxiety and panic are not dangerous to me
  • I don't need these thoughts - I can choose to think differently.
  • Anxiety is there to protect me and not harm me
  • I can tolerate the symptoms of panic without letting them getting out of control
  • Slowing my breathing down can help me to control my anxiety and panic
  • My anxiety and panic will pass naturally; it doesn't last forever
  • This is an opportunity for me to learn to cope with my fears
  • I don't always have to feel completely in control

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