Gastric Band Hypnosis in Benfleet

Press Release 27 July 2011

Gastric band hypnosis; not just for girls!

“Most people think hypnotherapy is a “softer therapy” and more beneficial to women but it can be just as effective for men!”

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Gastric band hypnosis in Essex- before therapy
Jake prior to gastric band hypnosis 2011
Gastric Hypno Band hypnotherapy in Basildon - after therapy
Jake 3 months after gastric band hypnotherapy

Essex weight loss hypnotherapist Victoria Baldwin says she has been having great success recently with gastric band hypnosis. A large proportion of her weight loss clients are women but Victoria wants it known that it’s not just for girls. If you want to lose weight then it could work for you too boys!

The technique Victoria uses is called Gastric Band Hypnosis, also known as Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, and is designed to help people who struggle to lose weight. Its aim is to convince the client’s subconscious that they have had a Virtual Gastric Band fitted where they could feel all of the sensations without any of the risk or discomfort of a Surgical Gastric Band.

“Most people think hypnotherapy is a “softer therapy” and more beneficial to women but it can be just as effective for men,” says Victoria. “A prime example is Jacob Ellwood a photographer based in Rainham. Jake is a young man who came to see me in April 2011 and had a hypnotic band fitted. He has since lost over 3 stone and is still losing weight.”

Jake says, “I had a hypno-gastric-band fitted by Victoria on April 16th this year to change my life and drop weight. I am 23 years old, at the time I was 17 stone and at 5ft 7, you will agree this was grossly overweight… I am now 13 stone 9 lbs - total loss so far of 3 stone 5 lbs (or 21 kg). I have lost 9 inches off my hips, 8 inches off my chest, and 7inches off my waist. It has massively changed my life and improved my overall lifestyle; whilst I still have more weight to lose I can honestly say I am far happier than I was!”

For the treatment to be effective Victoria first helps her clients address any emotional issues with foods; helping remove any unwanted cravings, habits or dealing with the unhealthy relationships they might have with food. “Clients often turn to food through boredom, low self esteem, stress and even to punish themselves, so we deal with these issues together before implementing the gastric band therapy,” says Victoria. She then teaches her clients techniques in hypnosis to enable them to feel full faster and control how much they eat – rather than allowing food to control them.

Victoria adds, “Gastric band surgery is not just expensive but also carries an element of risk whereas gastric band hypnosis is pain free and also considerably cheaper!”

The long-term success of the Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band is dependant on clients being able to make and maintain key lifestyle and dietary changes and as Victoria says, “They learn to understand their relationship with food and develop a healthier and happier lifestyle”.

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